Multiline 3X Power USB Travel Charger 3.1A


3-port travel charger

The 3.1amps of power is capable of charging your device with good speed. Extra two USB sockets become very useful when you wish to charge another 2 devices at the same time. The quality materials make it more secure and durable.


Multiline chargers are made to rapidly charge your electronics. Dual port charger utilizes dual 2.4A ports for extremely fast charging.

Its power is minimal when it comes to spending the electricity, yet amazingly swift when it comes to charging your electronics.

Multiline products allow you to charge multiple devices at once, ensuring full power at the same time. This specific charger has three 3.1A outputs for extremely rapid charging, even with two devices.

You can choose between three types of cable that come with this product: 

Multiline products are made of high quality material which ensure high durability in various situations and conditions.

Charged to 100% in 30 minutes
Fast Charging

To 100% in 30 minutes

High amperage outputs ensure that your electronics are charged in no time. Whether you need a quick charge or perhaps a full charge, Multiline chargers will do it rapidly.

Different inputs support

Lightning | Type-C | Micro USB

All of our products are available in multiple editions for different devices. You can choose between packages with Lightning, Type-C or Micro-USB cable.

3-Port Travel Charger

Charge three devices at a time

Multiline’s extremely fast charger with three 3.1A outputs that ensures power coverage of three devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this charger support multi-device charging?

Absolutely! You can charge up to three devices at the same time via powerful 3.1A outputs.

What's the charging power of this charger?

This charger utilizes three ports with 3.1Amps which is more than sufficient to rapidly charge three devices.

How long does it take to charge a smartphone?

It takes approximately 30-50 minutes to fully charge standard smartphone device.

Any difference in charging cable device uses?

Devices with Lightning and Type-C connector type are more likely to charge faster due to newer technology.

Is the cable included in Multiline packaging?

Yes, you can choose between packages with Micro USB, Type-C or Lightning cable.

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