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Magnetic Car Holder

Designed using first class materials, this car holder ensures that your device is protected and easily reachable. This is a perfect accessory for all drivers who like to keep it simple, yet stunning.

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All Multiline World products are crafted with precision and fine & quality material.

Magnetic Car Holder is designed to impeccably fit any vehicle. It’s elegant curves add an extra layer of sharp look.

This product is designed to fit both, multiple vehicles and multiple devices.

Multiline World is a brand that shows rapid increase in its growth. By manufacturing premium, quality products, we ensure that the client and consumers are always satisfied.

Fits all devices

Designed for everyone

Universal design and mechanics ensure that almost all devices are compatible with this product.

Ensured device protection

Technology that protects

High-end technology makes sure that this product is safe, as well as easy to use.

Package with meaning

Refined design

Elegantly powerful design enriches any store interior and gives first look impression to consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are supported?

This car holder is universal and it supports almost all smartphone and tablet devices.

Does it fit any vehicle?

Absolutely, it's an magnetic holder which means it fits every vehicle with place to attach the product.

What does the package contain?

The package contains Air Car Holder without additional cables.

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